Friday, December 30, 2016


After a good 9 years, I have decided to make the move from Blogger to Wordpress.

Thinking back to the good old days when I was 14 and discovering the wonders of blogging, writing about crap and typical teenager rants on Blogger... Well, it will always have a special place in my heart. 

But now it is time to move on, to work on bigger dreams.

Combining my love for travel and writing, thus giving birth to a travel blog. My new blog will focus on travel (obvs), with a little bit of food posts and some random stuff sprinkled here and there. 

My travel posts and some memorable ones on Blogger will be moved over to Wordpress, and I will be producing some exciting and (hopefully) refreshing content as well that includes my exchange experience in the UK and China.

Thank you readers for your support all these years; I truly appreciate you taking the time to read what I write. I hope you will be lovin' my new blog!
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Monday, June 6, 2016

Project 01 | Exploration x Expression

I would say one of the perks of my job  also one that gives me an almost complete sense of satisfaction  is meeting interesting people.

In one week, it would be the end of my three-month probation and I would then have executed and/or managed three events (woooh!), among them two art exhibitions and one architecture exhibition.

The first art exhibition I was in-charged of was Exploration x Expression, organised by sembilan Art Residency Program after their season four artists-in-residence Anahita Ghazanfari and Syahbandi Samat completed their four-month residency.

sembilan was introduced by Nicholas Choong, an artist whom I first approached to do an exhibition. I wasn't expecting a meeting with sembilan but I was excited to collaborate with them 
 before I know it the contract was signed and the planning was underway. 

From the printing of catalogues to the marketing to the discussion of artwork installation, everything was done in less than a month. I am amazed at how the people at sembilan managed the operations so efficiently as they have other (full-time) work commitments to attend to as well!

One of the highlights of the promotional efforts was making this GIF :D

Well, the end result wouldn't be as cool if not for my colleague (thanks Alan!) who helped a lot with the design, which was very different from the original one that I proposed. Nevertheless, felt quite accomplished making a GIF using Photoshop, a software that I only know to utilise 1% of it. 

The calm before the launch.

I particularly like this photo because the middle piece collaboratively done by Anahita and Syahbandi is framed on both sides by their individual pieces − not fully revealed coz you know, it's all about being mysterious.  

If you went to the exhibition and read the catalogue, you would have noticed that both these artists have completely different styles. Not to mention one is local and another is foreign, from Iran. 

Syahbandi uses the PaperMate Kilometrico ballpoint pen to draw his subjects, therefore his works are mostly black and white, which does fit the dark and brutal theme often apparent in his drawings. Whereas Anahita's work projects strong accents of colour, and they are very much inspired by nature.

Therefore, I am amazed at how their contrasting styles are able to blend so well together in the collaborative piece, complementing one another like they were meant to be. Looking beyond the surface, it can symbolise life itself, which is always a balance between reality (black and white) and one's dreams and imagination (colours). 

However, the one thing that struck me the most (what I deduced when reading the artists' stories in the catalogue), is that the painting can also portray the stark difference of Anahita and Syahbandi's way of looking at life. 

Syahbandi told me how his fears are projected onto his art, while I read that Anahita is adamant on not letting fear seep into this beautiful "other world" that is her art. The more I look at the painting, the more I felt it's a perfect representation of both the artists' life.

I don't know if you actually get what I mean, but art is subjective and what you see in the painting might reflect differently from what I see, and that is completely fine.

Anyway, when I suddenly made that connection, it was like WHOA MINDBLOWN (this is what I love about art!!). It definitely brought more meaning and depth to the already brilliant piece of work, and this goes beyond the colours and the details. It seemed like I was on a personal level with the artists as well, even though I don't know them personally. This, is the beauty of art.

Inside Scoop was there to give out free ice-cream (cempedak, chocolate and passion fruit flavours), and we had Red Bull with us too. Thanks guys, for being so supportive in the local art scene :') 

I talked to Osla, the events person for Inside Scoop (the one dishing out ice-cream to the German boy), and he told me a really interesting story about how Inside Scoop came about. I mean yes their story may have appeared several times in the media, but it is nothing like hearing it from someone, although not firsthand, telling the story with a gleam in his eye.

The inspiring story stuck with me for a while. Moral of the story: Luck and timing aside, nothing is impossible without hard work, determination and of course, talent.

These portraits are one of my favourites at the exhibition. Also a collaborative project between Anahita and Syahbandi, they went around Seremban (where sembilan is based) and talked to the locals − most of them people we would never think to pause whatever we're doing to ask about their life and listen to their stories. 

Ajim Juxta came to the exhibition as well! For those of you who do not know him, he is the first Malaysian to be one of the top three winners of the Young Art Taipei 2016 award.

During my conversation with him, I learned about his background in architectural design and how it influenced his approach as an artist. It was really cool to finally meet him after seeing a couple of his works around. He is such a nice, friendly and easygoing person, and it was a privilege to have chatted with him. 

Thanks to Nicholas for taking this photo! Here I am standing next to Ajim, secretly containing my excitement, together with Winnie Cheng (ERYN) and her brother. Both Ajim and Winnie were sembilan season two artists-in-residence.

I love how crazy these sembilan people are and I already feel like part of the sembilan family even though we have only known each other for a few weeks. I miss working with them already!

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Sunday, April 3, 2016


Currently writing about my Chinese New Year road trip along the west coast of Malaysia!

1. Gallivanting around KL:

(to be continued)